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I have been hobby breeding family oriented European (not king sized) Doberman with a quiet temperament for the past 10 years. My dogs are home raised and socialized also with many other animals. My entire pack of Dobermen and Dobergirls take the initiative in helping to raise all new puppies with self-appointed chores. I have one stud for outbreeding available and I have four female dogs that I breed with. I usually have new litters of puppies each winter and if you are looking for a wonderful new Doberman companion, please phone or send me an e-mail. P.S. I only have litters arriving when I have had requests collected. Requests can be made between February and September. Also, those with a Doberman stud to breed out are invited to contact me as new bloodlines are always welcome.

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  • Referente Sady Baggen-Mueller
  • Indirizzo Vancouver, BC, Canada

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